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A great gift idea for Mother's Day – SeaGlass jewelry!

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New products that have recently created a buzz in the media: Illuminated Flowers from the Lighted Garden

Illuminated Flowers from the Lighted Garden

Dramatic, eye-catching floral arrangements are now possible with artificial light-embedded stems and blossoms from the Lighted Garden. Coupled with your vase of choice, these are perfect for wedding centerpieces, holiday events and decorating with light.

The illuminated silk floral collection comes in many colors and varieties, ranging from orchids, mini spray roses and plum flowers, to bonsai and willow branches, fanciful calla lilies and more. Premade arrangements, custom arrangements and stems for do-it-yourself designers are available. AC power or battery packs keep the love light shining.

The press: "Love blooms: Give the person who lights up your life a bouquet of faux flowers with light-embedded stems and blossoms. Choose from individual stems, pre-made arrangements and custom arrangements at the Pillsbury Florist shops in West Bridgewater (506 N Elm St.) and East Bridgewater (685 N Bedford St., Rte 18). 508-583-6587. Orchids, plum flowers, mini spray roses and calla lilies are among the many flowers available. Prices start at $29.95 for individual stems, $199 for the custom arrangement pictured." – V. Russo, Patriot Ledger/Brockton Enterprise, February 2010Deco Beads

Deco Bead Gel Marbles

Instead of decorative marbles or stones, place these water-storing gel beads in water, where they expand to many times their size, then release the water as needed. Suitable for fresh cut flowers, silk flowers and candle centerpieces. Deco Beads come in ten colors and are non-toxic, reuseable and and environmentally friendly.

The press: "Swell gift: Make a centerpiece even lovelier by filling the clear vase with Deco Beads – tiny non-toxic gel beads that expand to the size of marbles when you add water. Deco Beads in 10 different colors are available at the Pillsbury Florist shops. A half-ounce packet ($2.99) will yield 1.5 quarts – enough beads for six 8-oz vases." – V. Russo, Patriot Ledger/Brockton Enterprise, May 2009Deco Beads

Wild Hibiscus Flowers

Garnish your champagne with a Wild Hibiscus Flower – the little flower sits in the bottom of the glass while the bubbles stream off and subtly unfurl the flower. At the end of the drink you can eat the flower – it has a delicious raspberry and rhubarb flavor. Great with desserts and non-alcoholic drinks, too!

The press: "Bloom ‘n’ bubbly: Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup will turn a glass of sparkling wine into something extraordinary. Place a blossom in an empty champagne flute and add a drop of syrup. As you pour the sparkling wine into the glass, the bubbles will stream off and unfurl the edible flower, which has a raspberry-rhubarb flavor. A jar containing about a dozen flowers in syrup is $12.99 at the Pillsbury Florist shops." – V. Russo, Patriot Ledger/Brockton Enterprise, Feb. 2009

Deco BeadsTye-dye Happy Roses

Looking for a retro twist on an classic gift? Each Happy Rose has it's own distinctive color palette as the Holland grower injects color dyes into the budding rose stem. Petals open in random colors. Call for availability.

The press: "Pretty petals: From the country that gave us tulips comes the Happy Rose, featuring petals of different colors. To create this multi-colored bloom, the grower injects color dyes into the stem of a cream-colored rose. Each Happy Rose comes with Baby’s Breath, greens and a packet of flower food and sells for $7.99 at the Pillsbury Florist shops." – V. Russo, Patriot Ledger/Brockton Enterprise, Feb. 2009


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