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The specific designs shown may not be available for outgoing wire orders. We will work to assure the order meets your expectations. And we'll back their delivery with our own 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Seasonal and regional conditions affect the supply of flowers. Specific varieties or colors may not always be available. In some cases substitutions may be necessary. The dimensions given for arrangements are approximations. However, you may refer to them for general size guidelines.

Floral tributes from the heart

At Pillsbury Florist, our most important service is supporting those who have lost a loved one and are coping with that loss. Words, flowers, intentions – none of these alone can alleviate the pain and heartache of a death. The grieving process each and every one of us goes through is unique.

The role of a florist in this process is to reflect your thoughts and wishes in an arrangement, and deliver the sentiment to the service on time. Pillsbury provides arrangements daily to funeral homes in our local delivery area. Being a local florist for over 50 years, we know the policies and requirements of these homes. For deliveries outside of this area, we have an extensive network of independent florists available, as well as the Teleflora worldwide wire service network.

What type of flower arrangements are appropriate to send?

Typically, the immediate family will provide the casket cover. Other appropriate choices include free standing maches, hearts and baskets. For a brief explanation of each arrangement type, click here.

What about adding special items to the arrangement to personalize it and remember the deceased by their hobbies or passion in life?

Customizing sympathy work with personal touches such as a photograph, or momentos celebrating their life is much more common today. At Pillsbury, we have customized arrangements for avid golfers, boaters and athletes – even Harley Davidson aficionados! Given enough time and creative latitude, we can work with you to honor the unique character of the recipient. Some of our complimentary feedback comes from such personalized arrangements.

What if the family asks for donations in lieu of flowers?

Again, that is a personal choice. Some people think flowers are unnecessary as the departed cannot enjoy them, and the time flowers are available for viewing is less as services have been shortened. Truth be known, wakes and services are for the living, to give them an opportunity for closure and to honor the memory of the departed with others. As brief as the services may be, they are often the last open forum you have to express your feelings about the deceased. The choice to send flowers or not can only be made by the individual mourner.

Another option is to send something to the family, such as a mixed dish garden or a perennial plant. Food and fruit baskets are often appropriate and appreciated.

Whatever you choose to send, Pillsbury Florist is here to help you through a difficult time. Call (800) 660-6587 and ask to speak with a sympathy specialist.

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